Michael Coleman
Architectural Designer

Michael has worked with Nicholas on Southampton Building Corporation projects for over 14 years. His design solutions have led to a number of the innovations that make FreshPods the ultra-green and efficient homes that they are.



80 White Street
Southampton, NY 11976
















FreshPods was established in 2009 by Nicholas Alimanestianu, founder and President of Southampton Building Corporation and is based in Southampton New York. With backgrounds in high-end residential and commercial construction since 1986 Nicholas and Designer Michael Coleman discovered new efficiencies and innovations allowing for a turnkey green building solution. From lowered energy consumption, to safer structural engineering, to reducing build times FreshPods express elegance through arrived simplicity.


We design and manufacture Eco-friendly Modular 
Buildings, FreshPods.


These can be used as a
single family house, for town houses, as a multi-family house, as apartment or
office complex, a pool house, for emergency housing and
as an accessory buildings.


FreshPods clients are 
provided top service and support through every
aspect of the build and installation process
including complex site
and permitting logistics.

Utilizing years of experience in the construction of custom houses with conventional
and alternative construction methods, FreshPods has developed a modular construction system utilizing a patent pending interior
wall framing and finish system.


This and other innovations along with outstanding
pricing and fast building
envelops provides FreshPods key advantages over conventional modular systems available.



Nicholas Alimanestianu Founder, Engineer and President of FreshPods
and Southampton Building Corporation


Nicholas Alimanestianu was the second of four children of Mihai Alimanestianu and Ioana Fulga, who were political refugees fleeing Communist Romania after World War II. His father, a talented mechanical engineer, got a job building the national network of gas pipelines in Houston...

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Samuel Coleman


Samuel has been providing architectural solutions for Nicholas and Southampton Building Corporation for over 13 years, including the development of FreshPods.


Signature Series Architects

• LOT-EK Architecture 
   & Design

• Singular Design

• Maziar Behrooz 


FreshPods are cutting edge modern green ultra efficient homes.


FreshPods buildings incorporate patent pending technologies
and construction techniques, all engineered to last. These economical

and rapidly built structures are steel framed modular buildings utilizing
recycled shipping containers. Containers provide a green solution that
is capable of handling many challenging build sites and environmental
 conditions including up to 125 MPH winds. Models Designs are

currently available in E, C and S Types.


Additional custom modifications and Architect Signature Series FreshPods
by world renowned designers are available upon request.

Design Modifications

We designed the FreshPods Modular System to be customizable to create many floor plans and adapt to many building site locations.


FreshPods E-Type Model

The E-Type is our most flexible, open and cost effective model.


Features and Benefits

• Recycled steel structure capable of

• Energy efficient Hot Water Heater

• Energy efficient Heating and Duct system

• Fully Insulated with closed cell spray foam

• Recycled concrete block foundation

• High efficiency gas boiler insulated ducts


Wall and Floor Finishing options

FreshPods offers the possibility of almost any conventional or

alternative wall or floor finish including the following examples:


All recommended finishes are certified sustainable and/or recycled.

• Magnesium oxide wall panels w/recycled core

  (alternative to sheetrock)(paintable)

• Sustainable bamboo wall panels

• Sustainable bamboo flooring

• FSC certified pine wall panels

• Reclaimed pine flooring

• Recycled rubber flooring

• Sustainable vinyl flooring

• Stone & ceramic


Sample Pricing (2014)*

E-Type                 $210,000


C-Type, Custom    $249,000


S-Type, Custom    $490,000


 Echo-VT, Custom   $310,000


*Costs vary for site preparations.


Additional FreshPods

• Decks and/or patios

• Solar panels

• Geothermal systems

• Second story deck

• Roof deck

• Radiant Floor heating
   (integrated into FreshPod’s

   re-claimed subfloor)

• Screened porch

• Green roof
  (created using FreshPods
   recycled steel green roof
   growing pan)
• Waste Water Filtration
• Full basement